What to Expect After 30 Days of Feeding BioMane®

So, you’ve fed BioMane for 30 Days. Now what?

Here’s the bottom line: by feeding BioMane Equine Pellets, your horses will grow healthier, fuller, and longer manes and tails than they could on their own. Further, the health and condition of your horses’ coats and hooves will improve as well. BioMane provides the necessary nutrients and amino acids that your horse needs to grow better hair.
Types of Horse Hair - BioMane Equine Pellets - Nutrition for Mane and Tail
Some horse owners will report back to us that they didn’t quite see the results they were expecting to after 30 days of feeding BioMane. Although the growth rate and overall health of the hair has begun to improve, they just haven’t seen the increase in mane and tail length they were hoping for. If this sounds like you, don’t worry. Let’s talk.

The truth is, most BioMane horse owners will see increases in the hair growth rate and improvements in the overall hair health within 30 days. You’ve seen our Instagram and Facebook pages. We are constantly posting real photos from horse owners that are seeing several inches of new growth month after month.

This is common for most BioMane users! In fact, BioMane is proven to increase mane and tail growth up to 4X a horse’s natural growth rate. However, some horses can take longer! Each horse is unique, just like we are.

So, how long should you feed BioMane for? You should feed BioMane Equine Pellets until you get your horse’s mane and tail length and hair health to where you want it. For most horse owners, you shouldn’t expect to achieve your #manegoals or #tailgoals within the first 30 days of BioMane. You should notice improvement within those 30 days, but you likely won’t reach your dream-looking horse in that short time. 
Best Mane and Tail Brush - BioMane Products
BioMane is a supplemental feed. You’re not attaching hair extensions! You’re solving your horses’ hair health issues from the inside out, with proper nutrition. Growing long manes and tails is a process. Our 30 Day Supply of BioMane Equine Pellets is an introductory size, great for becoming familiar with the product and experiencing its nutritional benefits. Here’s what you can expect to see after your initial 30 days:

  1. Better Hair Quality
  2. Accelerated Growth
  3. Improved Thickness
  4. Healthier Coat and Hooves

Proper nutrition is essential for healthy hair. However, proper maintenance is just as important as proper nutrition. Many BioMane horse owners who don’t see the results they want are not following our BioMane How To Series or using the BioMane Tailbag or Mane and Tail Brush. Tisk, tisk! Disclaimer: if you’re not going spend the time for proper equine hair maintenance, don’t spend the money for proper equine hair nutrition
Best Mane and Tail Brush - BioMane Products
We are completely confident that you can improve the look of your horse and the health of its hair with BioMane. By feeding BioMane Equine Pellets, using BioMane hair care tools, and following the BioMane How To Series, you’ll be reaching those #manegoals in no time.